7 Tips for smooth importing of commercial goods in Canada

Every type of business must obtain license and the relevant clearance certificate to conduct business in Canada. Thus, besides specifying the goods for shipment at the border, it is also essential that you learn the ways for a smooth customs clearance for importing of commercial goods in Canada. Moreover, there are terms associated with customs on some commodities and automobile businesses such as ITN number request for Canada that your broker will take you through.

Other than the law and terms of business in foreign land, there are a few basic guidelines that are most common for importing. Take a quick read at these too for your reference.

Guidelines for smooth importing of goods in Canada:

  1. Get detailed information on the laws and rules of performing business in Canada. Hire a customs broker who will come as a major support for you even in general information on importing.
  2. Customs clearance is one thing you need to look for. Thus, a customs broker has the right knowledge and process understand for a smooth clearance certificate by the customs office on goods.
  3. Identifying goods and declaring goods at the port for shipment is the next step you must know. You will be asked information like the type of goods, nature of goods, and type of business, etc… by the customs officer.
  4. Examination and audit may be conducted by the transportation authorities in case of any discrepancies or doubts. Thus, you must take all the necessary steps to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.
  5. Certain types of goods are prohibited for importing to Canada. Ask the customs broker to share the types of goods that are not allowed so that you can arrange your business activities accordingly.
  6. You will be asked to present a list of documents and submit it timely to the customs authorities of Canada. If you are unsure of how to process these, seeking support from customs broker may help you. A customs broker has the authority to represent your company and perform the customs duties on your behalf.
  7. In case of any doubts, confusion, or clarification seek support from a customs broker. From obtaining ITN number request for Canada in automobile importing to guiding you to perform business smoothly; they will guide you every way possible. Hiring a customs broker from a licensed firm will help you get the most qualified person.


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