Signs That You Might Be Headed for Divorce in Old Age

Many people believe that couples who have lived together for a long time cannot get separated. This is because they are believed to have experienced life together and overcome all of their issues.

However, professionals have discovered that even decades of marriage do not make separation impossible. There are some common signs that show that you could be headed for the rocks in your relationship after many years.

  • Excluding Your Spouse from Plans

When a marriage is good, couples usually include each other when making plans. However, when one person begins to see himself or herself in his or her future alone, there is trouble. This is one of the possible signs that you could be headed for separation.

You may start to hear, “I will renovate the house after retirement,” instead of, “Should we renovate the house after retirement?” You might want to pay attention to this early sign.

  • Wanting to be Alone

It is normal for couples to sometimes want their alone time. This is especially the case when you get to retirement age and one partner starts to stay home after always being out of the house for work.

Sometimes, however, this feeling of wanting to be alone can become extreme. That is when to pay attention. When you find that you do not want to be in your spouse’s presence, it signals that your marriage could be about to fall apart.

  • The Kids Are Leaving Home

If you have spent your younger years taking care of your children and neglecting your marriage, there could be trouble. “As you grow old and the kids leave home, couples may realize their relationship with their spouse isn’t as fulfilling as it once was,” says Attorney Matthew Dolan of Dolan Divorce Lawyers, PLLC.

You begin to pursue individual dreams rather than partnering. At this point, you realize you are more roommates than spouses. That is when the reality of how far apart you have grown dawns on you. So, while caring for those kids, remember to keep building a healthy relationship with your spouse.

  1. Many of Your Friends Are Divorced

It is commonly said that a person is as good as the company he keeps. When many people around you are divorced, you may find yourself following in the same footsteps.

It is not unusual for people to begin discussing how unhappy they are in their marriages with divorced friends. When this begins to happen, you should apply more caution. This is because those friends will most likely encourage you to file for a divorce.

While you should not dictate the kind of company your partner keeps, you should not ignore it. Begin to take steps to correct things as soon as possible.

  • One or Both Have Checked Out

Most relationships fall into a routine. However, sometimes, it can lead to couples not paying attention to one another or forgetting to actively work on the relationship.

A peaceful home is ideal, but that doesn’t mean couples should avoid each other or ignore issues. Healthy relationships can have conflict, and both partners should be part of finding solutions. However, when partners begin to feel that they need to avoid conflict, it might be because they find it too difficult to communicate with their spouse. 


If you have been married for decades and notice any of the above signs happening to you, your marriage is not doomed. Take note of all the signs and do what you can to make it work, but know that divorce is still an option, regardless of age or length of the relationship.

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