Summer’s Dark Side: Exploring the Surge in Car Accidents during Warm Weather

Many people associate road crashes with the winter months due to icy roads and poor visibility. But contrary to popular belief, there is a shocking surge in car accidents that takes place during the seemingly idyllic summer season. In fact, May is the beginning of the “dangerous driving season,” according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

National data on road accidents shows that over 38,000 individuals lost their lives in crashes in 2020. Many fatalities happened in the warmer months, particularly in July and August. Several factors contribute to these alarming statistics, including the following.

Many Teen Drivers

One significant factor contributing to the increase in car accidents during summer is the influx of teenage drivers on the roads. More young drivers venture out with schools closed for summer break, often lacking the experience and skills necessary to handle various driving situations.

Though many teens drive responsibly, research paints a different picture. The fatal crash rate per mile for teenage drivers is more than triple that of drivers aged 20 years or older. It is crucial for parents and educational institutions to emphasize responsible driving habits and provide comprehensive driver education programs to ensure the safety of young drivers.

More People on the Roads

Summer is a popular time for families to embark on vacations and travel to various destinations. This influx of vehicles not only adds to the traffic congestion but also brings drivers who may be unfamiliar with the roads and surroundings. The unfamiliarity can result in traffic slowdowns, abrupt lane changes, and confusion, factors that increase the risk of accidents.

Moreover, the rise in tourism during summer adds to the already bustling roads. Popular tourist destinations witness a substantial increase in traffic, often consisting of drivers unfamiliar with local traffic rules and patterns. Consequently, this mix of local and visiting drivers can result in an unpredictable driving environment, requiring heightened vigilance from all motorists.

Road Construction Projects

Road construction is a ubiquitous sight during the summer months, and unfortunately, it also contributes to car accidents. Data from the CDC reveals that work zone crashes accounted for almost 700 fatalities over a five-year period.

Construction zones often require lane closures, reduced speed limits, and detours, leading to altered traffic patterns and driver confusion. Failing to adhere to warning signs and precautions can have severe consequences for both drivers and construction workers.

Let a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Handle Summer Road Accidents

Summer road accidents can be traumatizing. Victims may suffer severe injuries that may be costly to treat, incur property damage, and lose income due to the inability to work.

“You may qualify for compensation to cushion yourself from the pain, suffering, and financial losses related to summer road crashes. However, following up on such accident claims while recovering can be daunting,” says Attorney Lawrence Buckfire of Buckfire Law.

Your lawyer can handle all the intricacies of navigating accident claims, from gathering evidence and determining liability to negotiating with insurance companies and filing a personal injury lawsuit if necessary. They can also be vital in handling the complexities associated with filing claims against construction companies, local authorities, and out-of-town drivers.


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